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Music can create a great atmosphere in any location and Digital Juke Boxes cater for all different tastes to keep your customers in your venue longer while providing an additional income for your business.

AMS can supply a wide range of different models from a standard Juke Box with 10,000 tracks, to the most popular Milestones in Music models, which have every Top 40 hit since 1952 ready to play or even the very latest on-line Venue Hub which offers a huge 7 million tracks!


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Speakers, Volume controls for each zone, Microphones, TV links and various Background Music options are all available.

In addition, most Models have an in-built “What’s on guide” – for customers to view forthcoming events in your location, “Bingo” – play the popular game through your speakers with all the comical number sayings, “Pub Quiz” – test the brains of your customers with all the pre-loaded questions played through your speakers and “Photo Display” – use recent photo’s to promote your venue and “Sports Adverts” – all the team logo’s for the major UK & International Football & Rugby Clubs so all your customers know where to come to watch the big match.

Venue Hub Juke Boxes now benefit from a new “Dance Me” app, which allows users to create a video of a dancing character with a photo of themselves (taken by the Juke Box camera) as the face of the character. In addition a “credit countdown” encourages double credits during quiet times and the venue “Twitter” and “Flickr” accounts can be viewed on the screen.

On-line Juke Boxes can now be activated for “Soundjack” a free app which allows smartphone users to select tracks via their smartphone or tablet.

Click the logo below to download the app or contact AMS on 01959 564 331 for full details on all these exciting developments.


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