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Exclusively For Pubs

These machines can be supplied to most Pub’s. The machine dispenses Pull Tab Lottery Tickets to customers for a chance to win up to a maximum £300 Jackpot. AMS supply the wall mounted machine with a set of Pull Tab Lottery Tickets which are all printed with set specific serial number and your Pub name for extra security.

All income is pre-determined and a set amount will be raised for Charity once all tickets have been sold. You also earn a set profit from each full set of sold tickets.

Pub Lottery Ticket machines are NOT subject to Machine Games Duty (MGD)

20% of all the income from Pub Lottery Ticket Machines supplied by AMS is donated to Acorns Charitable Trust (Registered Charity Number: 1090804 and Gambling Commission External Lottery Manager Licence holder). For over 30 years this charity has been dedicated to the provision and maintenance of playing field’s and recreation ground’s and to providing other facilities for the benefit of the community at large and for persons who by reason of youth, age, infirmity, disability, poverty or social or economic circumstances have a special need for such facilities with a view to improving their health and well-being.

Working with a number of partners in the South-East we support among other projects, Walking Football for over 50’s, Tai-Chi and Keep Fit for Seniors, Computer Courses for Seniors, Frame Football for Disabled Children, part-funding of a promoter of opportunities for individuals to experience a range of learning experiences, including Drama, Arts, Music, Dance and Sport. We support various clubs and leisure venues across, Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.

AMS supply a wide range of Lottery Ticket Games with different Jackpots to suit your requirements.

Krazy Kings
£1 Ticket Top Prize £300

Let’s Play Poker
£1 Ticket Top Prize £250

One Eyed Jacks
50P Ticket Top Prize £150


Ruby Runners
50p Ticket Top Prize £100

Once you have sold all the tickets in a set, you will be presented with a Certificate for you to display, congratulating your customers for their support in raising funds for the Charity.