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Exclusively For Pubs

These machines can be supplied to most Pub’s. The machine dispenses Pull Tab Lottery Tickets to customers for a chance to win up to a maximum £250 Jackpot. AMS supply the wall mounted machine with a set of Pull Tab Lottery Tickets which are all printed with set specific serial number and your Pub name for extra security.

All income is pre-determined and a set amount will be raised for Charity once all tickets have been sold. You also earn a set profit from each full set of sold tickets.

Pub Lottery Ticket machines are NOT subject to Machine Games Duty (MGD)

AMS supply a wide range of Lottery Ticket Games with different Jackpots to suit your requirements.

Krazy Kings
£1 Ticket Top Prize £300

One Eyed Jacks
50P Ticket Top Prize £150



Ruby Runners
50p Ticket Top Prize £100