There’s a new way to play music            

AMS can supply the very latest innovation in background music, which allows you as the location, the opportunity to have a specifically profiled amount of tracks playing to specific timers throughout the week. Sound Jack BGM is supplied on a modern tablet which can either link to your existing audio hardware or be supplied with amplifier, speakers and microphone packages to suit your requirements. This system is ideal for many locations such as Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Retail Outlets, Reception Areas, Hairdressers and many more.


You can have full control and remote access to adjust and monitor the audio in your location. Regular new tracks (including Top 40 hits) will be loaded regularly and automatically to your existing timers. Also, the ability to play specific tracks such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” at the touch of a screen is also available as well as instant timer change options to allow for arrival of a new group of customers.


This fully legal system can also allow your customers to select tracks from your timers using their smartphones via the Soundjack app, which is free for allsmartphones, tablets and PC’s.

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 How does soundjack let my customers interact with the music in my venue?

Let your customers take control of the music at your business venue, with our legally compliant background music service; featuring built-in soundjack functionality. Create and schedule playlists which allow your customers to pick the music in your venue through their smartphones – but only from tracks which are appropriate for your business! Using timers and profile solutions you can change exactly what music is played at any time of the day. Simply connect our tablet to your existing audio system for instant access to anything up-to 5 million songs, allowing you to create multiple playlists for your venue, whilst giving your customers the freedom to pick the music that they want to hear.

How is the music managed on soundjack bgm?

As a soundjack host, using our background music player means you have access to an administrative system which collects important data about the music being played at your business. This includes information such as the most picked music tracks and which popular recent releases are most played at your venue. This online dashboard allows you to play audio to your customers that they are more likely to enjoy listening to, which in turn, will make them want to stay at your venue for longer, increasing profits for your business. soundjack also have a team of music experts ready to help you fully manage your music brand, actively controlling a single site or a whole estate remotely from your dashboard, so that you can concentrate on running your business when you need to. The soundjack background music system is suitable for a wide variety of businesses.

Can soundjack bgm be used in pubs & bars?

Pubs thrive on music. Research shows that pubs and bars which provide background music will earn, on average, anything between 44% – 60% more than pubs without background music. It’s not just live music that attracts customers to pubs, landlords are now turning to digital jukeboxes and other suitable commercial music systems for pubs in order to put the choice of music back into the hands of the paying customers. soundjack is the perfect business solution; providing customised, legal and fully managed background music for pubs and bars across the UK.


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