Exclusive to all Non-commercial Club’s

These machines can be supplied to most types of Member’s Clubs who are not commercially owned. Each Club is restricted to one B3A machine at any one time provided they have a Permit to allow this category of machine. They offer multi-stake options from 10p to £2 with a maximum £500 Jackpot. Note acceptors are fitted as standard to these machines and they do not require a cash float.

Category B3A machines are NOT subject to Machine Games Duty (MGD) on cash Takings.

This type of machine has a simple, random game format giving every player the same chance to win. Most offer a choice of games which have some additional features and auto-play options to suit players requirements. These machines do not pay out any cash – all collected wins are paid by a way of printed ticket from the machine detailing your Club name, the machine serial number, time and date and the amount won for security. This is then redeemed at the bar. When the machine is emptied, by either Club officials or AMS Collectors, the paid-out ticket total amount will be reimbursed back to the bar to leave the income profit.

AMS supply the latest models from the leading manufacturers and offer these machines on very competitive terms.

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